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  • Mandy Harlow

Heart of Harlow Site & Brand Launch!

Better late than never, right?! I started to write a blog post back in December about my site and brand launch, but you know how that whole life thing gets in the way, so I am finally sharing it now! If you're into logos, aesthetics, or mood boards- enjoy!

I'm still excited about the launch of my coordination and creative company back in early December, and I knew I needed a logo and website to match my vision and design style. I decided to brand myself, and had a blast doing it!

I wanted to use my own handwriting in the logo since that a major part of the creative side to Heart of Harlow. I created my own custom mondern calligrpahy "harlow" for the logo, which I wrote out approxiamtely 1,867 times before getting it just the way I wanted it. For fonts, it's good to use one serif and one sans serif, so I chose Lato Light and EB Garamond. If you're a font obsessed like me, you'll understand how I enjoyed picking fonts that resembled the look I was going for and are still classic enough to not get sick of seeing every day.

For color choices, I decided to use a clean palette of whites, blacks, and grays, so I can add in pops of bright watercolor and of course, gold, depending on the season and/or project.

My favorite part of branding myself was putting together a fun mood board. After perusing Pinterest for forty day and forty nights, I picked out images, colors, and patterns that spoke to me, and wahlah, the mood board basically made itself and the inspiration was flowing. My mood board is the general inspiration behind my brand and website, filled with grays and gold, some bright colors, and adorable caligraphy. All in all, I love my final design, classic font choices, and logo, handwritten with love! More to come on the brand name and meaning later ;) Any thoughts or questions? Leave a comment below!

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