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  • Mandy Harlow


New Month, New Phone Wallpaper! How To Save & Set as Wallpaper On mobile devices: Click and hold down image, Click save image, Go to your image gallery & find image, Click upload button in bottom corner, Click "Use as Wallpaper"

How to Download on Desktop/Laptop: Right click image, Save image, Send image to yourself through email or google drive, retrieve photo from phone and follow the same last steps from mobile instructions

Larger Scale Version:

There are two versions to choose from this month- The first shown above is a smaller scale pattern with a brighter and more repetitive look, and the second is a larger, more vibrant variation. I painted the individual cacti with watercolor and digitized them in photoshop to create the cute cacti pattern. Cacti are kind of a random choice for September, but its still warm weather here and I won't give in to fall until October! Hope you like- Leave a cactus emoji on my instagram if you use as your new wallpaper!

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