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  • Mandy Harlow


Round up, recap, summary, whatever you want to call it- I'm sharing life updates! I feel like so much has happened this past winter and spring so I wanted to throw together a little round up blog with some exciting life happenings, including a Heart of Harlow 2016 wedding highlight reel :D

2016 Highlight Reel

Before my 2017 wedding season starts this weekend, I wanted to share this highlight reel from my 2016 weddings 😄 I tried to take iPhone snippets at each wedding, and know I missed a lot, but man I love these memories! I was so blessed with amazing and fun brides, beautiful weddings and talented vendors. I was also lucky to do 4 destination or "travel to" weddings in 2016, and have set a goal to keep traveling for weddings in addition to Outer Banks weddings. Thank you to all my Brides + Grooms who trusted me with directing their big day- best wishes and love!

Bright + Social Co

As some of you might know, I've been work with some local businesses on digital marketing services for the past few years. This year I decided to keep that of all completely separate from Heart of Harlow, so HOH can strictly focus on weddings, design and creative projects. My sister Megan and I started Bright + Social Co, a digital marketing boutique, serving small businesses coast to coast. Meg lives in California and its been great to start a business with her, where we can grow and expand our digital marketing services- we are thankful we live in a world where we can work together so easily even on different coasts. You can find more info on Bright + Social Co at our website here, and follow us on Instagram here.

We Bought a House!!

Matt and I bought a house together and it's pretty much the most exciting thing ever. Yes, we're one of those crazy millennial unmarried couples, but we're confident in our relationship, its a great investment and fun project. It's old and most people looked past it, but man is a gem. It's definitely a flip, which we wanted, and I'm thinking of it as the ultimate design project. I plan to document the process with before and afters and hopefully share via blog if time and life allows. We've come so far already in two short months, (its amazing what new floors, paint and a power wash job can do!), but still have so far to go


This winter my fam traveled together to Italy and stayed in Rome, Florence, and Venice. It was the first time going to Europe for all of us and it was amazing to say the least. Hope to edit the hundredssss of pics and video clips, but here are a few good ones for now 😍

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