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42" Tall Pampas Grass - Set of 3

42" Tall Pampas Grass - Set of 3


Real pampas grass from the Outer Banks! These naturally dried plumes harvested on the Outer Banks have a very long shelf life when used as decor because they are naturally dried. These are an authentic piece of the Outer Banks and make a great addition to any vase for the perfect coastal decor accent. 


In this set, each plume is 42" tall.  Each listing is indiviual to the pampas grass set.  What you see is what you get :)


*This is a natural product, so the stem size, color and bulkiness of each stem may be different.  They are grouped in 3s with other stems that match appearance, size and fluffiness (so you're never getting 1 fat and fluffy mixed with a tall skinny plume). *Please note that it will shed slightly. *


Care Info:  Open the box outdoors and lightly shake the stems to release some of the shedding. Plumes will fluff back out and relax over a few days. Put in the sun for a couple of hours to get better results! Stems will still continue to shed some over time and this is natural. Spray lightly with hairspray for better hold and less shedding. These are long lasting grass stems that will stay looking beautiful for years! I've had the same bunches in my house for years and they are gorgeous still!) Keep away from extreme heat like heaters. Color will fade over time if placed in the sun. 


All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. 

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